Considering the Company’s growth and increasing market share in line with the Company’s ‘vision’ while at the same time providing best quality service to its customers, the board has decided to form two separate committees as follow.

Remuneration Committee

  • Mr. Khalid Rashid Al Mazroie – Member
  • Mr. Chakib Bouayad – Member

Audit Committee

  • Mr. Adi Hattab – Chairman
  • Mr. Chakib Bouayad – Member
  • Mr. Jacob Philip – Member

Investment Committee

  • Mr. Nawwaf Ghobash Ahmad – Chairman
  • Mr. Khalid Rashid Al Mazroei – Member
  • Mr. Adi Hattab – Member

Steering and Strategic Development Committee

  • Mr. Nawwaf Ghobash Ahmad – Chairman
  • Mr. Khalid Rashid Al Mazroie  – Member
  • Mr. Adi Hattab  – Member
  • Mr. Chakib Bouayad  – Member