2017-2020  IN A NUTSHELL

2015-2016 first phase turnaround plan has been very successful which ensured outstanding transformation of the company from heavy losses to profitability as at the end of 2016. 2017 will continue to be a year of revamping and restructuring of operations, rebranding, control, and rebuilding the process which will help set-up UIC production and growth network on a sustainable and consistent up-trend pattern.

We will maintain a great level of discipline around all facets of operations in preparation to seize future opportunities. However, with the successful capital restructuring and the election of a new Board of Directors, we are very confident of UIC stable outlook and future. UIC is on the right track presently to flourish and achieve a greater market share and leading position.


The management is aware of the current challenges being economic and industry, and will remain confident to handle and face them. A three years long-term prudent phase II plan and strategy have been designed to deal with the ever evolving market conditions.

UIC will ensure full compliance with regulations to help the industry recover and grow collectively in a healthier fashion than presently doing. Additionally, we endeavour to practice proper underwriting and risk based strategy for future growth.


UIC is a diverse work environment where all staff feel equally and fairly treated. We are committed towards the Emiratization vision and the well being of our workforce. Our People are given full chance to deliver their utmost potential and are rewarded accordingly.


UIC is keen to pursue the best practice and quality assurance in the industry, ranging from ISO Certification, Credit Rating, Process Efficiency, Quality Assurance, highest level of Automation, High Client’s Satisfaction, Innovativeness, and first class Corporate Image.

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